Parabolic Leaf Springs

High stress Leaf Spring

Raw Material Grade:

  • SUP 11A
  • 50CrV4
  • 51CrMoV4
  • 51MnCrV4

Equipped with / Supported by;

  • Gas Fired walking beam type end heating furnace
  • High Pressure Descaler
  • Automatic Parabolic rolling machine (Servo Controlled)
  • On-line Straightening Press
  • Multi station Press for post rolling operation
  • Instrument for profile checking

Leaf Thickness: Up To 60 mm

Leaf Width: Up To 140 mm

Robotic Heat treatment line with automatic swinging for fast cooling and camber stability.

Stress shot peening machine: 3 Turbines & 2 on line passes for two different shot sizes to ensure maximum coverage and better compressive residual stress at surface & depth.

Automatic Painting Line: Electrostatic Bell type.

Automatic Assembly Line: Assembled in conveyorized transferring system for improved material surface quality supported by online scragging.