Next Generation
Production Facility

Induction Furnace

  • Soni Auto has installed Inductotherm make induction heaters with conveyer mechanism to feed material required for pre-process systems such as Eye Rolling, Taper Rolling, Wrapper Rolling, V-Cutting, Clamp Hole and Centre Hole Punching.
  • The system makes the manufacturing set up more environmental friendly and uniform heating that results in low Decarb.

SPM Drilling

  • A special purpose fully automatic drilling machine was installed towards the aim of achieving high productivity, accuracy and consistency.

Eye Rolling

  • Semi Automatic Eye Rolling for main leaf to achieve accuracy & consistency.
  • Eye Rolling capacity up to 60 mm Dia.

Automatic Parabolic Rolling

  • Gas fired end heating furnace for reduced decarb and good surface retention.
  • High pressure Descaler to ensure scale free surface to have control over final parabolic profile.
  • CNC servo controlled fully automatic parabolic rolling machine.
  • On-line straightening facility
  • Multi station press for post rolling operations to avoid multiple heating.
  • Profile checking instrument for ensuring correctness of the parabolic profile parameter.

Robotic Heat Treatment

  • Equipped with two robots for consistent time in air for taking leaf from austenizing furnace to cambering station.
  • Gas fired furnace to have homogeneity for improved microstructure and good surface quality.
  • Furnace is controlled (pyro) by leaf temperature directly, thereby ensures consistency.
  • Online straightening machine for lateral bend removal for leaf of more than 1000 mm length.
  • Better and consistent mechanical & metallurgical properties due to swinging mechanism (World’s best fast cooling for springs) in quenching operation.
  • Better camber stability due to longer cambering time in clamped condition.

Stress Shot Peening

  • Machine is designed with 3 turbines and online 2 passes for two different shot sizes to ensure maximum coverage.
  • 2 passes ensure consistent arc height on all leaves with better coverage and better compressive residual stresses at surface and depth.
  • Online sieve shaker to keep the right shots on the hopper.
  • Two presses with automation for stress peening of parabolic leaves.


  • Overhead conveyorized painting with baking oven for maximum coverage, excellent adhesion& good surface finish.
  • Online painting process for faster production in dust free atmosphere.
  • Electrostatic bell type for high production efficiency and uniform DFT.

Scragging and Assembling

  • Conveyorized transferring system to carry spring leaves to various stations for assembly to ensure improved material surface quality.
  • No hammering- hydraulic clamping presses.
  • Online CNC scragging machine.
  • Option for both load and deflection mode scragging.
  • Automatic camber grading & half span grading.
  • Computerised traceability codes.
  • Integrated inspection station for visual & gauging.